Sports Party FAQs
What Games Are Available?

We strive to customize the sports party to fit your event needs.  Here are some options for your Sports Party

  • Soccer

  • Flag Football

  • Basketball

  • Potato Sack Races

  • Tug of War

  • Flag Tag

  • Mini Obstacle Courses

  • Kick Ball

  • Team Sports: Kids Vs Adults!

  • Relay Races

  • And More

What if I have Different Age Kids?

We encourage all kids to play and be active.  Games will be organized by groups, size, and all kids will be able to participate.  

If Parents want to get involved, we also encourage participation in certain games and activities we do.  

Our goal is for everyone to have an incredible experience at your Sports Party Event. 

How Many Coaches Do You Provide?

Each Party is different and we recommend 1-2 coaches for events up to 30 Kids.  

Larger Sports Party should be booked in advance to ensure appropriate number coaches based on the size of the event. 

What Ages are able to participate?

Ages 4 and Up are great for a Sports Party.

Keep in mind we will organize the kids in different groups and teams when appropriate.  

Do I need to bring any equipment? 

We provide all Sports equipment for your sports party.  

Our Coaches will set up, organize, and clean up all equipment.

 Sit back and enjoy the fun.  (And feel free to join the fun at anytime).

I'm an Adult can I have a Sports Party?

Yes you can!  Treat yourself, you deserve one too.

Our Sports Parties are great for Corporate, Organizational, Team Building, or just to have someone manage the fun.