Sports Party $325

1 Hour Play

Recommended 1-15 Players

Customized Sports Equipment

Event Coach

Bubble Fitness

Weekend PE classes where group and individual play is promoted, while integrating Bubble Balls.  Games and Challenges are constantly interchanging to maintain a positive and semi-competitive atmosphere.  Group play is intended to support and build sportsmanship in a positive manner during each class.  Obstacle courses geared to enhance coordination and multiple skills, Dodgeball, Tug of War, Capture the Flag, Bubble Soccer and many other games await.

Sports Training

Geared to physically challenge your future child athlete.  This program will focus on improved strength, speed, and agility. This class structure is geared towards 1 on 1 sports training in one of the following: racquetball, soccer, football, basketball or track and field.

Bubble Soccer Fitness for Kids