Yes, Bubble Soccer is Real

October 25, 2015

One day in late 2014, I was with friends and abruptly one of them got up and said, “Sorry guys, I have to go play Bubble Soccer.”  We asked what it was and he showed us videos many of us have seen.  We, like most people, started to laugh and wonder… is this real?  How does it work?  Can you really play Bubble Soccer?  Is it safe? 


The simple answers are Yes.  It is real, it does work, you can play Bubble Soccer, and following the safety rules and with proper supervision it is safe.


I was immediately drawn to Battle-Balls and Bubble Soccer.  It inspired the beginning of a lifelong dream:  To create a fitness program for kids and provide a unique experience.


Bubble Soccer is starting to get a lot of mainstream attention.  People are seeing it on TV, in the parks, or online.  When we play a lot of people ask us, “What are you doing?” This is a small introduction to the sport and the experience.


My favorite part about Bubble Soccer is being at the park and everyone else

Looking at the game wondering, “Is this real?”  The surrounding spectators are usually laughing, recording, or trying to explain to their kids what is going on.


The objective of Bubble Soccer is straightforward: score more goals than your opponent, while getting to knock them down.


To my new players who ask, “What is it like?”  My answer, “Like a roller coaster, but until you try it you can’t describe it.” 


One of my favorite quotes from a player, “I played soccer for 2 hours last week, and I’ve had more fun and I’m more tired in 10 minutes of Bubble Soccer”


The Start of the Game


A Bubble Soccer game begins with both teams behind their respective goals.  A referee stands at midfield, blows the whistle, and throws the ball in the air, Game On.  Both teams rush towards midfield attempting to gain control of the ball, while knocking each other down.  


Many Bubble Soccer games are split into halves.  They can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 12 minutes depending on the league or game set up.  If you have never played you might be thinking… “That is a short amount of time,” but please refer to my roller coaster reference.  Until you try it, you can’t fathom the incredible physical endurance and exertion Bubble Soccer entails. Games can have a hockey like rotation with players subbing in and out. 


Who Can Play?


At Weekend PE, we feel the beauty of Bubble Soccer and Battle-Balls is they are inclusive sports.  Kids, Adults, Male, or Female everyone who experiences it gets to have a lot of enjoyment out of the experience.


I have been to kids parties, where the Adults want their turn.  And the children are excited to give them a chance!



Bubble Soccer and Battle Ball Games are for nearly everyone, which is why I’m proud to introduce it to the community and encourage its continued expansion. 


I look forwarding to hearing any questions or insights on your Bubble Soccer experience please e-mail us 




Evan Liebowitz

Coach and Owner

Weekend PE 

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