Weekend PE Up: Tablets and Phones Down

August 25, 2015


There was a time when every neighborhood was filled with kids.  Playing, running around, neighbors knew first and last names.  Not in one neighborhood, not in two, but every neighborhood.


Once upon a time, many childhoods were based on playing outside with other families.   My childhood revolved around 7 of us that would play from the time we finished our homework, until night overtook us and it was time for bed.


And here I am as an adult, looking for the kids, searching for where they roam.  I understand the world has changed around us for the better in some ways.  The Internet, iPhones, iPads, we are always and forever plugged in.  Yet in some ways it has taken away.


Our kids see us.  We say, ‘Go play, but not too rough.’  We may send them to a park, but how many of us remain plugged in… on our phones… our tablets… Sports leagues are where parents go to watch, but too many are not there at the same time.   


PE classes have become an afterthought of modern public education.  Kicked aside in many communities public education system as an optional elective versus requirement.   Today, Sports and Fitness first bring thoughts becoming the next professional athlete or famous individual versus a healthy lifestyle, a passion, an internal and external drive for excellence.    


Kids can strive for excellence, have fun, and play a sport or complete a variety of new and old school fitness games.  I created Weekend PE to get kids outside and expose them to a multitude of games and activities.  Because if one child asks  mom or dad to go outside instead of turning on the TV, picking up a tablet or phone then we are moving the needle in the right direction.


Fitness for Kids, Fitness for Life is not only our motto it is our mission.  


I look forward to seeing many of you at the fields and parks.  For those who I cannot see do to distance I look forward to hearing your stories, questions, and exploration of how you lead a Weekend PE lifestyle.  

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