Bubble Soccer FAQs!
What is Bubble Soccer?


It's soccer with players enclosed in giant Bubble Balls bumping, knocking, and rolling into each other. Think Soccer merging with football, rugby, and bumper cars.

How Long are the Games?


Bubble Ball Bubble Soccer games can vary depending on age and size of group.   Games are normally split into 2-  6 minute halves or 10 minute games.

Can we play other Games?


Absolutely!  We offer different gaming opportunities.  Let us know what your event is all about and we will find the games to fit your needs.

Where are Games held?


We are the only full service Bubble Ball Vendor permitted by Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation.  If you need us to reserve the field space at Tropical or another Public Park there is a small administration fee and we will coordinate and reserve the booking, once you reserve your date. 

Otherwise you pick and book the venue. We bring the equipment.  Games can be played indoor or outdoor:  parks, rec centers, soccer fields, big back yards!   If you need help with ideas we're here to help. 

Is Bubble Soccer Safe?


Like all sports there is an inherent risk of injury.  Players following the safety rules greatly reduces the risk of injury.  Our coaches and staff review safety guidelines prior to the games starting.  Play Safe, Play clean, and respect your fellow Bubble Ballers during all games and everyone will have a great time.


What should I wear?


-Sports Sneakers and Clothing is acceptable.

-No Cleats!  Sorry!

-Glasses, Jewelry, and Hats are not allowed for safety reasons and to prevent damage to the Battle-Balls.


What is the recommended age for players?


Bubble Ball 1.2 M - Ages 5-12; Height 4'8 to 5'9 


Bubble Ball 1.5 M- Fits 5'2-6'3 Up to 225 lbs 

Who Cannot Play Bubble Soccer?

As with many physical activities - if you have neck problems, back problems, concussion history, or are pregnant you should not play Bubble Soccer or Bubble Ball activities.

How much do rentals cost?


Pricing is based on length of rental, location, and other factors.  E-mail us at Info@Weekendpe.com with your event information for pricing details  Or Click Here and fill out our contact form.


To See Our General Pricing Guide on Events Click Here

If you have a large event please contact us directly for pricing and event information 

How many people can play?


Games can be 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, or  5 vs 5.  Some groups have winners go on, others have next 2 teams play.  Depending on the size of your group.

What is the field size?


A 5 vs 5 Battle Ball Bubble Soccer match works great with a venue the size of a basketball court.  For every 2 Bubbles we recommend 1,000 Feet.

What areas do you serve?


If you're interested in Bubble Soccer or a Weekend PE event, our goal is to make it happen.  We Primarily Serve the Miami-Dade area, but if you want to Bounce around in Broward and West Palm Beach we can make it happen too.  If you're beyond Weekend PEs reach we'll still be glad to answer any questions you may have.  

More Bubble Soccer FAQs
What type of events are Bubble Balls good for?


Our question to you would be, what type of event wouldn't it be good for?


Birthdays, Weddings, Bachelor(ette) Parties, School Field Days, Corpotate events, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Team Building, Fundraising


Do I have to sign a waiver?


Yes, waivers must be signed prior to the event.  All Kids must have a parent or guardian must sign.


Can we play in the rain?


It is not recommended to play during heavy rainfall.  We will gladly reschedule your event at no charge do to weather.  


Do you have a Bubble Soccer league?


We're working on it!  Nobody is more ready for a South Florida Bubble Soccer League than Weekend PE.  If you have a team or group that wants to set up a mini league e-mail us at Info@WeekendPE.com